1. Can I join before getting licensed?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to do the following in order:

a. Join MMHIA and begin building your small group accounts by subscribing to our marketing program, and plugging into our turn-key marketing solutions.
b. After you have signed up for the marketing program, immediately get familiar with back office tools and small group training, and marketing while you pursue getting licensed. We call it knocking two birds out with one stone.
c. Begin studying to get licensed.

You will find that joining, and setting up your back office, you will want to focus 100% on getting licensed within your first 90 days. [Go to top]

2. What are the ranks in the company?

There are only (7) seven ranks based on the number of accounts acquired, personal and group monthly volume.
Rank 1 - Associate: This is someone, non-licensed, who has joined MMHIA with a goal of marketing our services.

Rank 2 - Agent: This is a licensed agent who has acquired a minimum of $3,000 in Personal Monthly Volume (PMV) (this can come from your own group coverage). Commissions are paid on an as-earned basis.

Rank 3 - Sub-Agent: This is a licensed agent who has joined under a producing agent$3,000 in PMV. Agents earn a 10% commission override on all written policies, of their sub-agents.

Rank 4 - Senior Agent: This is a licensed agent who has a minimum of $30,000 in PMV or has a minimum of $60,000 in Group Monthly Volume (GMV)

Rank 5 - Managing General Agent: This is a licensed agent who has acquired a minimum of $125,000 in PMV or has a minimum of $250,000 in Group Monthly Volume (GMV)

Rank 6 - Regional Managing General Agent: This is a licensed agent who has acquired a minimum of $250,000 in PMV or has a minimum of $450,000 in Group Monthly Volume (GMV)

Rank 7 - National Managing General Agent: This is a licensed agent who has acquired a minimum of $450,000 in PMV or has a minimum of $750,000 in Group Monthly Volume (GMV)

Minimum requirements for each rank must be maintained.[Go to top]

3. How do I get paid?

A payroll debit card will be provided to all active agents, there are three (3) card thresholds for producing agents standard (0$ $5,000 in monthly commissions), the silver ($5,000 to $10,000 in monthly commissions) and platinum $10,000 + in monthly commissions) silver and platinum cards carry additional incentives and bonuses. [Go to top]

4. Can you explain how commissions are paid out?

Commissions are paid out monthly directly from our home office By the 5th of each month, all agents and associates are encourage to sign up for Payroll debit card. We do require agents to upload a current copy of their Life & Health license to our home office in order to be compensated [Go to top]

5. How does the IAU Marketing program work?

It is a proprietary digital marketing system, designed and developed by us to help the average agent create a successful lead generation campaign that can easily be learned and automated.
a. If the agent is subscribed to the marketing program our Account Building Center (See FAQ #11), will do the initial enrollments for your groups as your leads convert to clients we enroll you get paid (average group premium of $3000.00).
c. We also conduct teleconference presentations with prospective clients. (IAU subscribers) have access to our databases with over 350 thousand verified businesses within the U.S. a CRM system that ties all of our agents together to manage your growing group book of business and sales teams, then finally a broker portal that provide access to our entire on-line agent user community where you will find marketing information and guides, training modules, collaboration and more.

For a detailed video explanation of our compensation plan, please Click Here. [Go to top]

6. How do you "pre-qualify" a lead?

A qualified lead is any company between 2 to 25 employees, wages are less than $50,000 per year per employee.[Go to top]

7. Is it possible to write my group?

Yes! You can write your own group for your account and earn a commission on your group.("Your Personal Monthly Volume on your own group policy will count towards elevation to higher ranking within IAU") [Go to top]

8. What is included in the IAU Marketing subscription?

a. two websites one for business partner acquisition and another for customer acquisition.
b. Agent back office with marketing materials, a CRM, and access to an agent user community.
c. Account Building Center to handle initial enrollments
[Go to top]

9.What are the hours of operation and location of MMHIA?

MMHIA and the ABC are open from 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard time Monday thru Friday.[Go to top]

10. Is the opportunity for Life & Health agents only?

Not entirely, our model is tailored for the seasoned L&H agent who is looking to add an additional profit center utilizing group as a means to that end. But it is open for Medicare, CPA's, P&C (Property and Casualty) agents and anyone who see's the income potential.[Go to top]

11. What is the Account Building Center?

This is one marketing tool that every business builder should have.

What would it cost to hire 1 full-time person to follow up on all of your prospects for you?

For just $19.95 per month, our in-house ABC staff will do the following:

a. We will give you steps on establishing a phone # that you can and should use in all of your marketing with your unique agent id
b. Upload a 4-minute qualifying message for prospects to listen to
c. Help you establish an email forwarding system that generates leads and that will automatically forward those leads to the Account Building Center
d. Once your CRM have been set up, we will provide you a unique web submission form that ties all your lead to you
e. When the leads are recieve here at the home office we schedule a 1-on-1 phone consultation with the prospective client.
f. Our in-house sales professionals will call your prospects, answer their questions, add notes to the CRM (so you can track their progress), and enroll them into your business when they're ready

Then... YOU GET PAID... every month for as long as those clients generate business.

Imagine building a long-lasting residual income where all you do is market, pre-qualify and refer and get paid for life!

ABC Bonus: ABC members will have access to our list of 350 thousand verified businesses within the U.S.[Go to top]

12. Who owns the account?

All group accounts are owned by MMHIA, as an active agent you are the agent of record on the account in-house. By MMHIA owining the account it creates greater production volume and higher commission thresholds for our agents. The combine productions allows all agents to benefit as we hit greater production volumes together, our combined efforts can leverage greater commission negotiation power with the carriers. Plus agents do not require Errors and Omissions or Non-Resident license in other states we operate, our structure creates a much more efficient platform for agents.[Go to top]

13. What sets you apart from other income opportunities?

Any, licensed agent, qualifies to earn the following:

a. FIRST As a new agent, there is no cost to join, no initial out of pocket start up cost.
b. Then... optional but highly recommended IAU Marketing program which offers an Account Building Center component, If the agent is subscribed to the IAU Marketing program (See FAQ #11), this can generate significant income right out the gate, when adding group business for your personal volume and level overrides from your sub-agents as well.
c. A CRM system will manage your accounts, sales team and assign managers with account privileges to handle account matters in your absence.
d. A cost effective marketing system, that allows us to automate the sales and enrollment process for subscribed agents.


For a detailed video explanation of our compensation plan, please Click Here. [Go to top]


14. What is the Business Litmus Test Question?

The Business Litmus Test Question helps you to determine if a business offers a viable opportunity based on a true business owner base need or if it is a hyped-up opportunity based primarily on recruiting others to generate income.

Recruiting people into a business is not bad as it allows one to leverage his/her time through the efforts of others. However, if the income generated by the business is done primarily through recruiting, high attrition is certain and the business will likely fail.

If a business can answer "YES" to the following question, then it offers a true opportunity for long-term growth and income:

"Would I, or would anyone, purchase this product or service at its current price, even if there were no business opportunity involved?"

As you apply that question to the myriad of business opportunities available, you will find that most businesses must truthfully answer "NO".

Now, let's apply it to IAU: Will owners purchase it if they can get a better rate than what they are currently paying even if there were no business opportunity involved? The answer is a resounding "YES". However, because we do offer the realistic opportunity to build a long-term, residual income through online presentations and a staff of professional telesales reps, IAU is a business like no other.[Go to top]

15. What is attrition and how does MMHIA avoid it?

Attrition occurs when people quit a business and the income derived from their subscription, membership, or product/service purchase goes away. This usually happens due to these 3 reasons:

a. The price of the product or service is inflated to pay out commissions to multiple people.
b. The business associate is buying the product/service for the sole purpose of generating income (not because he/she is truly interested in the product or service).
c. After a while, the business associate determines that the income he/she is generating is not enough to justify staying active in the business.

Here are 3 reasons why the MMHIA business model is almost completely attrition-proof:

a. A person who takes the commitment is much more likely to work harder, remain active in the business, and do whatever is required to build a long-term residual income.
b. Our agents generate money on their group insurance business, and sub-agents short time frame of starting up (30 to 90 days).
c. Our agents earn commissions on their own policies, their client's policies and overrides on the policies of potentially thousands of other sub-agents. We have shown them how to turn an optional expense into an ever-increasing residual income. [Go to top]

16. How do you define an active agent of MMHIA?

An active agent is defined as any agent that is continuously and actively subscribed to IAU. There is no other requirements to remain active. Rank advancement and achievement is based on production volume and performance outcomes.[Go to top]

17. Who is Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors?

Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors (MMHIA) is a Health and Life Managing General Agency (MGA) dedicated to providing unique and effective ways for developing true, long-term financial success for it's agent affiliates and business partners. We are committed to teaching and living principles of service, integrity and leadership by example. We place the satisfaction of our clients and the success of our agents at the top of our priority list. To help fulfill this mission, Insurance Agents United (IAU) Digital Marketing Organization (DMO) was developed as a marketing arm for MMHIA, to further our reach for independent agents that want greater financial security through collaboration and partnerships.
[Go to top]

18. What types of insurance do you write?

Our core insurance product and service is group insurance. [Go to top]

19. Are your insurance rates competitive?

Yes! What makes us competitive is the science behind what we do to make our rates one of the most competitive in the market, by leveraging tax components for the targeted small group employers we can be hands down the most cost effective benefits advisors anywhere.[Go to top]

20. Which insurance carriers do you represent?

All of the Blue Cross Blue Shield carriers in every state we operate. (See FAQ #28) for all of the States we operate in.[Go to top]

21.What happens if my client group insurance rates go up?

There are provisions and guidelines that dictate the level of increase on on these group plan types. Unlike traditional group plans annual rate increase can not exceed 4%[Go to top]

22. Who handles the quotes, enrollments, and customer service?

Good question! As a subscriber to the IAU Marketing program, we can do your initial enrollment, in conjunction with our state of the art marketing system, afterwards the agent services and maintains the account, we also can handle providing the initial quotes and proposal as a subscribed agent [Go to top]

23. How long has MMHIA been offering group insurance?

We have been successfully acquiring group accounts over 8 years and growing.[Go to top]

24. Is it possible to negotiate higher commissions?

Yes! Absolutely, there truly are strength in numbers all of our agents combined volume allows us to leverage our negotiating power with the carrier to request higher commission thresholds which equates to more commission for our agents. [Go to top]

25. Do I need to be licensed in order to get commissions?

Yes! You must be appropriately licensed to receive commissions for any insurance products sold. [Go to top]

26. In which states do I need to be licensed?

Only your resident state in which we operate.[Go to top]

27.How does MMHIA verify that I am licensed?

At the time of contracting with us we will need to submit copies of licensing information to our home office.[Go to top]

28. In which States do you currently operate in?

Federal Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) for the Small Business Health Options Program, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Texas. For our large group self funded solution all states with the exception of NY.[Go to top]

29. Do I need E&O coverage, SHOP Certification and Non-resident license?

No! No! and No! Errors and Omissions is not required, you do not need E&O to acquire group accounts with us, we underwrite all business under MMHIA so agents focus on business building instead all the administrative headaches. Same goes for SHOP Certification agents educate and inform we enroll, so it is not required that agents be SHOP certified, or need additional non-resident license to produce in the States we operate[Go to top]

30. What is digital marketing?

As defined by Wikipedia: Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.[1]

The way in which digital marketing has developed since the 1990s and 2000s has changed the way brands and businesses utilize technology and digital marketing for their marketing.[2] Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent, as digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans,[3] and as people use digital devices instead of going to physical shops.[4][5]

Digital marketing activities are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, optical disks and games, and any other form of digital media. It also extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback and on-hold mobile ring tones.[Go to top]

31. Is there other cost associated with the marketing program?

Yes! Although your marketing budgets are scale-able, there are marketing solutions that are zero cost depending on what the agent wants to achieve. [Go to top]

32. Will I be required to buy leads or cold call?

The short answer is no; It is not required, although if you prefer that style of marketing, that option is open for all who choose to do so. Our digital marketing solutions will show you how to reach massive targeted groups with an opt in campaign that can yield positive results for less cost, plus our approach is an automated one, which is much more efficient and less time consuming. [Go to top]