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What Started Out as an Idea Turned into a Movement!

The founder and CEO of MMHIA was proficient in group account acquisitions, and had great success. Just under one year since our inception, and we have expanded into all States with the exception of New York. This is a revolutionary movement within the life and health industry for insurance agents.


In order to participate, you must be licensed. A professional license distinguish those who are activity working in the life and health industry and those that are not. This opportunity attracts people who are focused, goal-oriented, and willing to work to create their own success.

Become Your Own Agent

You can earn a commission on your own group by becoming your own agent (lowering your overall net cost even more).

Less Administrative Burden

Life and Health agents do not need to be certified for the Small Business Health Options Program commonly referred to as (SHOP) because we handle the underwriting, enrollment and administration. Our agent partners service the accounts locally, as long as our clients remain active with us, our agents get compensated monthly. Agents do not need a non-resident license in the States we operate. This is a turn-key opportunity.[Go to top]

Better Business Development

There is nothing more frustrating for agents than creating a stream of qualified leads, from paying for leads, to the dreaded cold call. We have developed a lead generation system that works, by connecting local agents to the business community in which they serve, with solutions for small to mid-size employers that help improve their bottom-line, all while enhancing the benefits, our system yields results that turn into consistent and sustainable clients.[Go to top]

L&H Industry Forecast & Outlook

Any seasoned insurance agent with any length of time in the life & health industry have seen the trends, mergers and acquisitions abound in the carrier and insurance companies arena. Why? Because in tough times there is strength in numbers and combined efforts. Unfortunately for agents we have not taken advantage of this strategy until now. Sole independent agents will have more to contend with, with less resources and why joining forces will benefit all of us as a whole going forward into the future.[Go to top]

E&O and SHOP Certifications

No! It is not required that you be either SHOP certified or carry additional Errors and Omissions insurance to participate with us. Because the underwriting agency Mid Michigan Health Insurance Advisors LLC facilitates the enrollment, and our active agents get to manage the account. [Go to top]


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On-Line Webinar

Non-Licensed Pre-License Exam

If you are currently non-licensed for Life and Health, and our opportunity makes sense and you want to get started. The first step is getting licensed. Once you have signed up with IAU, you can start preparing to take the exam for Life and Health in your State. [Go to top]

True Residual Income

The Insurance Agents United (IAU) opportunity allows you to build true residual income that is virtually attrition-proof. There are thousands of business owners in need of our service, and not sure where to turn until now! If you can lower their cost, create happier employees, and a means for better talent acquisition for their companies, do you think they will cancel their service? Not a chance!

Differential Factor

Life and Health agents can position themselves in the market by offering something in high demand, virtual untapped market, with a marketing system that can produce an unlimited stream of qualified leads every month. Timing and positioning is everything.[Go to top]

Sense of Community

One of the caveats of offering group is having a staff or other agents who can fill in, when you are absent or unable to service the account, and that is what this opportunity provides a customer management system that you can assign other agents in your agency and so many other built-in features of our user community.[Go to top]

States We Operate In

Federal Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) for the Small Business Health Options Program, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey and Texas. For our large group self funded solution all states with the exception of NY.[Go to top]

We would welcome you to our team to experience the difference for yourself. Watch the presentation above.