IAU Marketing Course

IAU Master Marketing Pro Course
IAU Master Marketing Pro course is required for agents and partners to participate in the digital marketing system
Module 1 New Member Message
Unit 1 New Member Message
Module 2 Folder Creation
Unit 1 Folder Creation Lesson
Module 3 New Agent Broker Portal Set Up
Unit 1 New Agent Broker Portal Set Up
Module 4 State Profiles
Ranking system of the 31 States we operate, why some States fair better than others. Color coded Red, Yellow and Blue. Red States are non-commissioned and is a no marketing no compensation zone. (Recruiting Only)
Unit 1 State Profiles Overview
Module 5 Marketing Guidelines
Discussion on Marketing principles, guidelines and consumer protection laws (TCPA). Getting started what's required. Microsoft Word, Excel, Computer with Internet access.
Unit 1 Marketing Guidelines
Module 6 Database Creation
Instructional lesson on how to access RefUSA database, create target market worksheet and prospective clients list
Unit 1 Database Creation
Module 7 Kutools For Excel
Lesson on using Kutools to combine worksheets, continue to refine list by removing excessive menus.
Unit 1 Spreadsheet Management Using Kutools for Excel
Module 8 Advanced Email Training
Unit 1 Bulk Email Look Up Tool
Module 9 Email Validation Process Lesson
Unit 1 Importance of E-Mail Verification
Module 10 MailChimp Lesson
Unit 1 MailChimp Lesson
Module 11 Running Campaings
Unit 1 MailChimp Campaign
Module 12 Mobile Apps
Unit 1 Mobile Apps
Module 13 Course Summary and Overview
Unit 1 Summary and Conclusion
Module 14 Congratulations and Final Word
Unit 1 Congratulation Final Word